Cleaning and Care instructions

Thank you for purchasing an item from my range of Caithness stone jewellery. 

Cleaning tarnished silver

All the silver used in making my jewellery is Sterling silver and as a studio jewellery who doesn't Rhodium plate my pieces, the silver will eventually tarnish.  Tarnish may look brown eventually but this is simple to rectify. Matt/brushed/satin finishes show up tarnish faster than highly polished.

Initially you may want to use an old toothbrush with warm water and washing up liquid to clean your item of built up dirt and dry with a non abrasive soft cloth. 

Caithness stone is non-absorbent so it is safe to use jewellery cleaning liquid to dip your item into. You can find this fluid in most hardware shops and online, it will clean all your precious metal jewellery for years to come! Please remember it is important to follow the instructions on silver cleaning fluid, it can permanently mark stainless steel draining boards (I've discovered for myself!) It only takes a matter of seconds to work and make sure to rinse thoroughly afterwards then dry. Leaving jewellery in the dip for too long can permanently damage the surface of the silver.

For items that are coated in clear resin (stone covered in lichen) it is best to use a cleaning cloth which is permeated with solution and use it to rub over the silver until the tarnish is gone. Town Talk and Hagerty are a couple of brand names to look for.

Oiling Stone

Each piece of jewellery made from Caithness stone is individually cut, sanded, drilled and polished by hand by myself - it's true, a lot of work has gone into every piece!  I finish the stone by rubbing olive oil to give it a dark lustre. (The olive oil I use at the moment was bought whilst cycling through the mountains of Catalonia on holiday, very good quality!)  I have found that although some customers love the light grey dry look, once the stone touches the skin, natural oil will transfer onto the stone and make blotches. Once in a while it is necessary to reapply some oil to bring back the deep shine if you so wish. The process is quite therapeutic I find, and I have started to add my favourite essential oil to my own pieces but you will have to do a skin test before covering the whole piece if you'd like to do the same. All you need to do is dip your finger into some oi, scrape your finger on the edge of the bottle to remove any excess and rub gently until it's covered. I use an old micro cloth (or a spare screen cleaning cloth) to remove excess oil as most other cloths deposit fluff. Any food grade oil can be used just do not use the oil for you bike! If you want me to re-do your piece for you, I can do this for the cost of postage. You may find you like the stone as it reveals it's dry state and not need to do this.

Cables, chains and neckwires.

All silver chain and necklets/neckwires can be dipped in silver cleaner, please be very careful when coiling the necklets in the cleaning container as they will kink if bent.

Jewellery made using plated cable is delicate and should be handed carefully and stored carefully preferably in it's box.  If looked after properly the cable will last a very long time but accidental damage can happen and if it does, please do not hesitate to contact me where I can advise you of what I can do.  'Restringing' can be done at a very affordable price to make it look new again.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.