Recently I have been experimenting with common lichen which grows in abundance locally to where I live.  The colours and textures really evoke the natural environment and add another aspect to my stone work.  'Crab Lichen' is white in colour and you would be forgiven in thinking the stone in Caithness is actually white due to the fact that every exposed piece of stone in every wall and building is covered with it.  This has a lot to do with the cleanliness of the air and the nutrients in the stone.  It is a tricky material to work with at the best of times but adding the crumbly, delicate nature of the old stone which carries the lichen, my job in using the material to capture it's qualities whilst protecting it from wear and tear has been extra tricky to do.  Worth it though.

'Made', a group exhibition of 8 contemporary Caithness makers.  When invited to take part in this exhibition, I took the opportunity to develop a body of work which demonstrated the diversity of Caithness stone. Each piece is displayed on resin hands, cast from my own hand. These hands were last used to display my degree show work 'Toys for Hands' back in 2000.