I discovered Scratch Art during my time as a Gallery Assistant in Thurso Art Gallery.  The 'Nordic House' exhibition had been one of the first I had helped set up and during this time I learned of a Scandinavian artist called Kaare Espolin Johnson who developed his own technique using scratch boards to create stunning works of art.  The fact that he was partially sighted made his work even more impressive.  I felt drawn to the luminosity of the marks and was compelled to try this technique out myself.

With little patience to wait for the postie to deliver proper scratchboards I set about creating my own which turned out to be a right mess and therefore became a quick learning curve.  I have only just started out on the journey of scratch art but can't wait to see how my work will develop.

This image is of my great granny who was picking Groatie Buckies or cowries, after church on a Sunday at John O'Groats. I love the fact that she is adopting the universal stance for picking shells whilst holding onto her handbag wearing her beads and hat.

Holburn Head Lighthouse, Scarfskerry and Stemster. Gutters At Work Wick, Red Roof at Forss.